“Alateen is a fellowship of young Al-Anon members, usually teenagers, whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking.  Alateen groups are sponsored by Al-Anon members who help the group to stay on track.”

— From the World Service Office website*


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AMIAS info and more

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Information is provided below for Al-Anon members of Area 10 who are, or who desire to be, Alateen sponsors, also called AMIAS (Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service). The proper forms and processes are needed to comply with Florida South Area 10 Alateen requirements. Please check with your District Alateen Chairperson, District AISL or Alateen Area Process Person ( to obtain the proper forms.

Registering an Alateen Group

All Alateen groups are required by the World Service Office to register their groups.

The Alateen GR-3 registration form can be downloaded below or obtained by the District Alateen Chairperson. This form can be filled out and emailed directly to the AAPP (


Al-Anon members of Area 10 who wish to become an Alateen Sponsor (AMIAS), must complete the application form (below), using the accompanying detailed instructions.

Criminal History Checks with fingerprinting is required by AFG Florida South Area 10. The instructions accompanying the application form will give you infomation about fingerprinting and the unique VECHS number you will be required to provide to the agency doing the fingerprinting. For additional questions or mailing address, contact your District level Alateen Chairperson, or the Area 10 Alateen Process Person (AAPP) at

If you change your status, fill out the following form and return to AAPP

Training modules

(Revised  2017)

AMIAS Requirements

  • Agree to participate in training offered by AFG Florida South Area 10 and/or District which will give the AMIAS the tools to be an AMIAS and take steps to ensure the safety of Alateens and the AMIAS. Note: Training data is kept at the District /AIS level.
  • Complete Alateen Training every 3 years. Newly certified AMIAS must complete training no later than 30 days after being certified by WSO.
  • Failure to complete training will result in deactivation of the AMIAS. (No longer allowed to sponsor or work with Alateens.)

There are 6 training modules to work with. They can be downloaded below:

  1. Module I Alateen Overview
  2. Module II The Alateen Meeting
  3. Module III   Alateen Events
  4. Module IV Dealing with Challenges in Alateen (intro)
  5. Module IV Part-A Dealing with Challenges in Alateen Part A
  6. Module IV Part-B Dealing with Challenges in Alateen Part B
  7. Module-IV-Part-C Dealing with Challenges in Alateen Part C

Testing for AMIAS

For Answers to TEST QUESTIONS contact Area 10 Alateen Coordinator at


Florida South Area 10 process to confidentially resolve a complaint or allegation regarding an AMIAS:

  1. PAGE 1: Resolve NON-ABUSE complaint or allegation, initial process
  2. PAGE 2: Resolve ABUSE complaint or allegation, initial process
  3. PAGE 3: Resolve complaint or allegation, Area 10 Review Process
  4. PAGE 4: Resolve complaint or allegation; AMIAS Appeal Process


Alateen Conference Behavior Guidelines for Alateens and adults must be completed by both the Alateen, parent/guardian and AMIAS for those attending Alateen conferences:

Travel release forms: Certified AMIAS who are transporting Alateens to and from Alateen meetings and Alateen functions must complete the following: