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Information & Forms

Provided below for members of Area 10 Al-Anon who are, or who desire to be, Alateen sponsors is information about and the proper forms needed to comply with the Florida South Area 10 Alateen guidelines. Criminal History Checks with fingerprinting is now required by Florida South Area 10. Please check with your District Alateen Chairperson or District AISL to obtain the proper forms or the Area 10 Alateen Coordinator.

  1. Registering an Alateen Group: All Alateen groups are required by the World Service office to register their groups. The Alateen Group Registration/Records Change form can be downloaded here or obtained by the District Alateen Coordinator.

  2. Registering as an Alateen Sponsor: All current Alateen sponsors, and those wishing to become Alateen sponsors, must complete the following forms:

    a.  Al-Anon Member Involved In Alateen Service (AMIAS) (Page 1).

    b.  Florida South Area 10 Al-Anon Member Profile for An Adult Involved in Alateen Service (pages 2-3 only) [Page 4 to be completed by the Area Alateen Coordinator].

  3. Certified AMIAS who are transporting Alateens to and from Alateen meetings and Alateen functions must complete a Travel and Medical Release form.

    Updated October 21, 2010